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Slashbase is a modern open-source database IDE for your dev/data workflows. Use Slashbase to connect to any of your database, browse data and schema, write, run and save queries, create charts.

Currently works with MySQL, PostgreSQL & MongoDB database. More databases will be supported in the future.


  • 🧑‍ðŸ’ŧ Desktop App: Use the IDE as a standalone desktop app.
  • 🊄 Modern Interface: With a modern interface, it is easy to use.
  • ðŸŠķ Lightweight: Doesn't take much space on your system.
  • ⚡ïļ Quick Browse: Quickly filter, sort & browse data and schema with a low-code UI.
  • ðŸ’ū Save Queries: Write and Save queries to re-run in the future.
  • 📊 Create Charts: Create charts from your query results.
  • 📚 Console: Run commands like you do in the terminal.
  • 🗂 Projects: Organise all database connections into various projects.
  • 📕 Query Cheatsheets: Search and view query commands syntax right inside the IDE.
  • ✅ Database Support: MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

Slashbase Screeshot

Slashbase is available in two type of builds:

  • Slashbase Desktop
  • Slashbase Server

Both desktop and server builds can be compiled from the same open-source codebase. Look at their specific doc pages to know more.